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Skunkwerks Rx is an All in One plant nutrient that has everything a plant needs to thrive in all cycles of life. Brings out the best medicinal properties in the plant. It is in an ionic form so there is nothing for the plant to breakdown it just absorbs what it wants when it wants it and by passes on the rest. Skunkwerksrx is also formulated as a hydro-bio product meaning it will work fantastic in any medium without the chemical buildup you get from other products. We use naturally occurring elements from the earth, we formulate them into inorganic so the plant can use them immediately.

Our product contains no PGRs. There are no hormones, unnecessary elements or fillers that only increase weight and cost. This formula contains no CHLORIDE or SODIUM and is formulated with calcium nitrates that encourage a larger and stronger plant cell structure.

Skunkwerksrx provides a complete set of necessary nutrients as plant food, and also it is one of the few fertilizers that is environmentally friendly.
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