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Our aim is to provide patients with extremely affordable and highly effective forms of alternative medical treatments. Our extensive collection of various natural remedies are made available to legally qualified patients in a safe, clean, comfortable and professional manner.

Our edibles are very yummy, easy and fun to eat treats to help you feel better without having to smoke all the time. We are real people/patients who use cannabis for various medical reasons, and want to help others get quality relief without having to spend so much money. We will work with any legal patient or legal cannabis collective who needs help getting cannabis products or stocking up for your collective members and offer low cost and sometimes no cost cannabis when we are able. Support us by joining our collective. We have been approved and are register with the State of California as a legal medical marijuana provider/collective. We follow the rules, pay our taxes and don't hide what we do. Our bylaws are available for review at anytime by our members.

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