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If you are reading this you have just found your one stop answer to mite infestations, here at Mite Munchers we specialise in predatory mites that have proven to wipe out hundreds of thousands of mites and other related pests.

We have the genetically perfect predatory organisms that prey on the eggs, lave and adult mites. This method has proven its self again and again in total irradiation of spotted spider mites and other nuisance pests .

We have specific predatory mites for different cases and levels of mite infestation.. Ranging anything from 1 individual plant or flower to over 20,000 plants or crops on indoor and outdoor gardening.

No matter how big or small you think your problem may be, WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!!

This is not only the best in the market for wiping out the infestations but there are also no harsh chemicals involved potentially doing more damage to fruit, flowers or buds, not to add the harmful effects they can have on humans upon intake of these free radicals.

Most cases we can handle from past experience and our knowledge of mites but in some cases we may ask for samples of the mites to analyse, this is for larger orders to guarantee that you get the right predators to munch your problem mites.. its usually very simple, most indoor gardening will be a 1 or 2 step process of our most popular predators for total annihilation, providing you follow the simple steps provided nothing can go wrong!!


you simply place your order online you receive your predators within 48 hours of order you follow the simple steps to apply the carefully selected predators evenly to your plants/crops then sit back and let them do their work….
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