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DELTA 9 Products are made with all natural processes. Every product is made without butane or chemical extraction. Ours is a whole plant extraction, which is scientifically shown to help the medicine get into the blood stream more effectively. By using the entire cannabis plant we are taking advantage of all of its benefits, which are not only via THC and CBD extractions.

– DELTA 9 Products meet a pharmaceutical standard of ± 10% potency accuracy so that consistent medicinal intake is assured.

– DELTA 9 Products are all laboratory tested with PhD scientists for quality, potency, consistency, and purity. All of our products are verified that they are free of mold and pathogens.

– DELTA 9 Products are a healthy alternative to smoking. By exchanging the intake of cannabis medicine with vapor, capsules, or edibles, you are protecting yourself from the harmful effects of carbon monoxide, as it is not present in any of these forms.
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