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C. E. Hutton, LLC is a Business Development and Management Company that helps entrepreneurs and small to mid-size companies gain or even retain customers. The Company offers business and marketing planning, strategic planning, high-level retainer consulting, market research reports, project-based consulting, and company registration.

Our Mission is to aspire, enrich and empower businesses that exemplify ethical growth and longevity in the cannabis and hemp industries.

C. E. Hutton has created The Legacy Partners 5280, LP venture fund and focuses its investments in three key sectors: real estate, biotechnology, and technology.

A portion of this Fund will be allocated directly into minority-owned businesses within the cannabis and hemp industries. Our Vision is to help level the playing field for minorities (i.e., all People of Color, Women and LGBTQ) seeking entrance or expansion in the industry.

We are not exclusive to minorities, but inclusive to all communities that recognize and explore the true strength of diversity within our global society.

The core values of C. E. Hutton are built on the foundation of Faith, Integrity, and Trust (FIT) which is defined by our actions of true empowerment, knowledge and inclusion.

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