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Eagle Protect supplies high quality food safety disposables to the United States, New Zealand and global food markets. We know food safety disposables like the back of our gloved hand -- That’s why we're the most trusted to provide high quality single-use products from responsibly sourced manufacturers.

For over 10 years, Eagle Protect has been the world’s best defense against the very real dangers of food contamination, food safety violations and damage to your business's reputation through irresponsibly sourced products.

Eagle Protect is the world’s only B Corp certified business supplying disposable gloves and clothing, and is proud to be New Zealand’s first B Corp Certified business. Since 2012, we've been voluntarily helping to lead a global movement to redefine what it means to be a good business.

Our dream is to build a business so successful that we can supply in-need communities around the world with our products at no cost to help transform the world for the better!

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