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By understanding your company’s needs, strengths, weaknesses, gaps and potential, our team will customize and develop your individual project plan. We can help to successfully launch your product and help you plan for what’s next.

Our bolt-on project teams are comprised of an expansive network of product development professionals, each customized to your company’s specific needs. We’re detailed. We’re hands-on. We’re by your side every step of the way with the organizational experience to successfully get your product from inception through development and finally delivery (end-to-end) on time and within budget.

• Change control & management
• Document control
• Process creation
• Design review & refinement

So you’re ready to disrupt the market? We’ve helped many companies get their napkin drawing off the ground and we know all the hurdles you’re about to face. From crafting a professional business plan and product deck, to understanding BOM costs and getting a manufacturing partner, you can trust us to plan our your complete product portfolio. We know all the right questions to ask and more importantly, when and how to ask them.

• Product life-cycle definition/planning
• Cost modeling & analysis
• International manufacturing
• Go-to-market planning

Intimidating. Terrifying. Confusing. These are just a few words that come to mind when considering taking your prototype to mass production. Choosing a manufacturer is a major challenge for any organization, no matter how large or small you are. We have the skills, leverage and insight to help manage timelines, ensure quality and control costs with a trustworthy manufacturing partner.

• Selection
• Terms/cost
• Management
• Quality

There’s nothing worse than having an industry-disrupting product that you can’t get into the hands of your customers. That’s exactly what can happen if you don’t have your logistics and operations house in order. We can help here too. By providing operations expertise, we ensure your organization addresses the nuances of distribution successfully.

• Shipping & receiving
• Fulfillment & distribution
• Supply chain management

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