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Finance. International Business Development. Operations.

•Utilize business intelligence data to maximize product development opportunities
•Calculate pro-forma financial statements
•Draft business plans, standard operating procedures and operating manuals
•Network of strategic partnerships for branding, marketing, advertising, sales and distribution
•Assess and recommend income-generating activities to complement current mission and existing programs
•Research and present thorough competitive market analysis
•Provide customer and product validation with landscape awareness

Budget Recommendation
• Recommendations for areas of improvement and allocation of resources to help Program Assessment
Projects, Writing Operating Budgets, Policies & Procedures.

Accounting Experience:
• Accounts Payable/Receivable
• Reconcile Journal Entries / GL / Bank Accounts
• Billing and Invoicing
Cost Accounting
• Job Costing
• Excess and Obsolescence Analysis
• Lower of Cost or Market Analysis
• Financial Statements
• Auditor Deliverables

Revenue Creation/Growth
• Assessment and recommendations for income-generating activities to complement current mission and
existing programs
• Actionable steps necessary to implement compliant recommendations
• Challenges and potential risks identified
Business Plan Consultation
• An effective and concise document covering Mission & Vision Statement, Executive Summary,
Product/Service Offerings, Target Market, Marketing Plan.
Pricing Strategy
• Analysis of target audience, competition, costs and products/services
• Recommendations for pricing for existing products/services
• Assessment of whether any products/services should be discontinued /differential price points

Operations & Compliance Experience:
• Cash Flow
• Budgets
• Forecasting
• Funding / Capitalization
• Governance & Compliance

Competitive Financial Analysis
• An internal guide to align your organization’s day-to-day operations and goals
• Current market potential including key ratios as well as future pro-forma statements from data gathered to
perform quantifiable analysis with measured outcomes

Finance Experience:
• Pricing Models
• M&A Diligence
• Exit Strategy
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