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The WeedLife Cannabis and Hemp Social Network is a group of free-to-use websites, apps, and social marketing tools specifically designed to expedite the growth of the cannabis industry and shorten the business learning curve for new companies entering the marketplace.

The WeedLife Network is built on an online social platform for the exchange of ideas, products and connections that work with both cannabis producers, distributors and dispensaries, as well as the tens of thousands of ancillary companies supporting the industry.

The WeedLife Network allows cannabis consumers and businesses to communicate and learn more about each other faster through an integrated social user platform that connects multiple sites, apps, and software through a core user database. This was designed with the intention to provide users/members a better method to target, connect, and share their products, services and brands -- so businesses in the rapidly growing cannabis sector, can keep pace with their consumer demographic that is now evolving and maturing faster.

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The WeedLife Network owns and manages more than 40 major Website Brands. The following are flagship properties of The WeedLife Network: - cannabis/hemp social network - cannabis/hemp business social network - cannabis/hemp news network - cannabis/hemp discounts & deals - cannabis/hemp video network - cannabis/hemp business Search Engine
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