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Leafreport Study Unveils Lack of Purity and Potency Testing by CBD Brands

A recent study conducted by CBD product reviewer Leafreport found that brand transparency, quality and safety in the CBD industry are seemingly "stagnating and deteriorating in several critical respects," the company stated in a press release.

The study, which examined 4,384 products from 188 CBD brands, found that only 7% of brands tested all their products for microbes, pesticides and heavy metals. That number represents a 1% increase compared to Leafreport’s 2021 study, which reviewed 2,946 products from 136 brands, according to the company.

The study also found that 20% of brands do not engage in any purity tests to check for microbes, pesticides or heavy metals—a 5% decrease compared to 2021. 

The number of brands that test nearly all of their products for potency and make their third-party lab tests available for consumers remained at 42% from last year, demonstrating that the industry's commitment to potency and purity testing remains stagnant.

Furthermore, Leafreport found that roughly 22 of the 188 brands had all their "products fall within acceptable potency variance levels.”

Other key findings reported by Leafreport include:

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