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Cannabis Edibles and Beverages Containing Hemp-Derived THC Now Legal in Minnesota

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A new state law took effect July 1 in Minnesota, allowing for the sale of cannabis edibles and beverages infused with hemp-derived THC.

Under the new law, adults 21 years and older can purchase “edible cannabinoid products” that contain no more than 5 milligrams of hemp-derived THC per serving and 50 milligrams per package, and no more than 0.3% THC by dry weight.

According to the bill text, an “edible cannabinoid product” is defined as “any product that is intended to be eaten or drunk by humans, [and] contains a cannabinoid in combination with food ingredients, and is not a drug.”

The sale of edibles containing delta-8 THC and CBD were already legal in the state, but this new law allows for delta-9 THC—the cannabinoid that distinguishes hemp from its federally illegal counterpart, cannabis—to be used as an additive in edibles and beverage products as long as it is derived from legally certified hemp, Duluth News Tribune reported.

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy will be responsible for regulating such products, which must have a label containing the serving size and cannabinoid profile serving, a list of ingredients, and the following statement: “Keep this product out of reach of children,” according to the bill text. 

The Bill sponsor, Rep. Heather Edelson, said in response to the passing of the legislation that she was concerned about the safety of delta-8 already being sold in Minnesota, adding that those products were “targeting young people and contained thresholds of THC that were too much for the average consumer,” the news outlet reported.

“Minnesota saw poison control numbers go up dramatically in 2020 and 2021 for youth under 12 because of lack of child safety on the packing and [it] appeal to their age group,” she added. 

In addition to the labeling requirements, all products containing hemp-derived THC must be sold in child-proof packages and not be marketed or shaped in a way that’s appealing to children–such as in shapes like animals, fruit, people, etc. Hemp-derived THC can also not “be applied to existing commercially available candy or snacks, or packaged to look like existing commercial snack brands,” the news outlet reported.


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