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BDSA Expands Depth of Actionable Cannabis Industry Insights with Launch of Menu Analytics

The solution drills into regional and store-specific data to inform decisions and accelerate growth.

Cannabis Conference 2023 Registration Now Open

Lowest pricing is available today through March 15 for the industry-leading event for plant-touching businesses.

UPDATE: Hong Kong Bans CBD

Starting Feb. 1 any individual who manufactures CBD products could face a maximum penalty of life imprisonment and a $5 million fine.

Finding the Best Path Forward: FDA’s Norman Birenbaum Talks Hemp-Derived Product Regulation

The FDA’s senior public health adviser discusses the agency’s recent announcement that Congress must establish a new regulatory framework for hemp-derived products—and what comes next.

Federal Judge Upholds Block on Certain New York Cannabis Licenses

In five regions across the state, don’t expect licenses to be issues anytime soon.

US Representative Reintroduces Legislation to Reschedule Cannabis

Rep. Greg Steube has reintroduced the Marijuana 1-to-3 Act, which would reschedule cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III under the Controlled Substances Act.

13 States That Could Legalize Cannabis in 2023

We're rolling out the official CBT crystal ball and taking a shot at which states will enact cannabis reform this year.

‘Absolutely Worth It:’ Inside Mississippi’s Medical Cannabis Sales Launch

Leanne Penn, co-owner of The Cannabis Company, which made the first sale in the state, and Melvin Robinson, executive director of the Mississippi Cannabis Trade Association, share insight into the newest operating medical market in the country.

Study Finds THC-O Acetate Could Cause Another EVALI Outbreak

The first EVALI outbreak occurred in 2019 after the CDC reported 2,800 cases and 68 deaths related to vape products from the illicit market.

Tonik’s Guide to Exponential Growth as a Small Business in Canada’s Adult-Use Market

Anthony Horvath, owner of Tonik, shares insights into how the company has grown roughly every month since opening, despite an increase in competition.

‘Progress, Not Perfection:’ Lilach Mazor Power Reflects on Her Role as Board President of the Arizona Dispensaries Association

Power, founder and CEO of The Giving Tree, reflects on the current state of Arizona’s cannabis market and what’s to come for business operators this year.

Connecticut Adult-Use Sales Top $2 Million in First Week

The state recorded the highest number of sales on its first day of launch, Jan. 10, which brought in $359,099.

Michigan Smashes Cannabis Sales Record at $2.3 Billion in 2022

Now the nation’s second largest cannabis market, Michigan’s demand continues to skyrocket as the average flower price sinks to $91 per ounce at retail.

Industry Associations Weigh In on 2023 Farm Bill: What’s to Come for Hemp?

With the 2018 Farm Bill set to expire this year, CBT reached out to hemp industry stakeholders to discuss what reforms they are advocating for in the 2023 Farm Bill to address pain points and benefit the hemp industry.

CanPay Now Accepted at More Than 1,000 Cannabis Merchant Locations

The payment network surpasses $750 million processed in transparent cannabis retail purchases.

Oregon Shy of $1 Billion in Cannabis Sales for First Time Since 2019

The state’s average wholesale flower price dropped to $550 per pound in December, while the average retail price dipped to $116 per ounce.

New York’s Second Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary Expected to Open Jan. 24

Smacked LLC, owned and operated by an entrepreneur previously criminalized by cannabis prohibition, will open Jan. 24 in Manhattan.

With 12th Generation at the Helm, Farming Family Branches Out to Hemp

The family behind Kentucky Heritage Hemp and Peterson Farms has records dating back to before their ancestors emigrated from Holland to colonial North America. As they continue growing staple crops, they have set their eyes on hemp.

US Virgin Islands Governor Signs Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization Bill Into Law

The legislation allows adults 21 and older to use cannabis, but the bill’s sponsor estimates it may take up to five years for the law to be implemented.

New Jersey Regulators Propose Updated Rules for Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Public comment will be accepted on the rules and amendments until March 18.