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Illinois Lawmaker Plans to File Legislation to Streamline Cannabis Regulations

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From licensing blunders to litigation, Illinois’ cannabis licensees and business hopefuls have much to consider in launching and operating their businesses.

The industry must also contend with multiple state agencies that oversee various aspects of the market.

Cannabis businesses, from cultivators and manufacturers to distributors and transporters, must currently interact with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Department of Agriculture, State Police, Department of Revenue and the Department of Public Health, according to The Center Square.

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Rep. Marcus Evans, D-Chicago, has hatched a plan to reduce some of the industry’s pain points by establishing a cannabis commission mirrored after Illinois’ liquor and gaming commissions, the news outlet reported.

“It’s about centralizing things and time management,” Evans told The Center Square. “Business folks don’t need the confusion. Even some of us are confused because I don’t know which agency is which. I’ve got to try to answer folks and bring out a flowchart. Why make government difficult when it can be easy?”

Evans plans to file legislation to create a seven-member state cannabis commission to streamline cannabis regulations and oversight in the state, according to the news outlet. The commission would include gubernatorial appointees and equal representation from General Assembly leaders, as well as a dedicated executive director, The Center Square reported.

“Politics shouldn’t play a role in this,” Evans told the news outlet. “We haven’t seen it now, but if we ever get a new administration, we don’t want new department heads with new ideas. A commission is more stable for the long term. That’s why we use it for the liquor commission, and we use it for gaming. Because you just don’t want the sways of politics really to impact certain industries."

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