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Majority of Ohioans Approve of Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization: Poll

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The Buckeye State approves of cannabis.

At least that’s what results from a recent poll indicate, reporting 60% of Ohioans support legalizing adult-use cannabis while 37% oppose.

The poll, conducted by Spectrum News in partnership with the Siena College Research Institute, surveyed respondents on a number of political issues, including adult-use cannabis legalization. The data broke down respondents into a number of demographics, including political party, gender, ethnicity, region, education, and income.

By political party, 79% of Democrats support adult-use cannabis legalization, compared to 40% of Republicans approving. In contrast, 19% of Democrats oppose legalization, compared to 57% of Republicans.

There were also notable contrasts among ethnicities and income.

Sixty-nine percent of African American/Black respondents support adult-use legalization, compared to 57% of White respondents.

By income level, legalization approval increased by income bracket. While each of the three income brackets in the survey all had majority support for adult-use legalization, nearly seven out of 10 (69%) respondents earning $100,000-plus approve, compared to 61% of those making between $50,000-$100,000, and 54% of those earning below $50,000.

Results by gender, region, and education, in contrast, were more comparable.

Sixty-two percent of men approve of adult-use legalization, while 36% of men oppose. For women, those figures are 57% in favor and 39% against.

Ohio’s Central region had the most favorable view of adult-use legalization with 62% in support, compared to 32% in opposition. The Southwest (61% in favor, 38% oppose); Northeast (60%-35%); West (58%-40%) and East/Southeast (54%-44%) also had majorities approving of adult-use legalization.

And by education, 61% of those with less than a bachelors’ degree approved of legalization, compared to 59% of those with a bachelors’ degree or higher.

The poll was conducted among 642 likely Ohio voters from Sept. 18-22 with a 4.4% margin of error. Read the full results here.



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